Thursday, October 30, 2014

Throw Back Thursday....Halloween Costumes through the I miss those little kid excited costume days....

Halloween is almost here, and with teens I'm not sure if they are going to dress up or not...I'm thinking they are not as we have not bought any supplies.  But I have had fun looking at my dressed up little ones.  The younger years they seem to have dressed up as characters that they loved.  This photo is of their love of Winnie The Pooh.  And the funny thing is my daughter is still a Eeyore type of person, sometimes gloomy, and always loves a cloudy day.
She was just so cute as Eeyore!
We went from Winnie the Pooh to Clifford and Blues Clues.  This year we actually spent Halloween at my parents.
The next year found us loving Blue's Clues again, Scooby Doo, and the Wiggles!  My husband looked kind of cool as Greg Wiggle and the neighborhood kids loved it.  
This was the year of the zombie and Winks club fairy. We had such fun going around the neighborhood.  These were the years that the bags of candy got a bit overwhelming.
This year my son was a Zombie hobo, my daughter was a cat...Think she was hoping we would get a cat too...
This is the year I think I really loved their costumes.  My son looks great as Indiana Jones, and my daughter she was.....
Road Kill Cat!  I think of all her costumes I liked this one best.  Something we made from other old costumes.
Well tomorrow is Halloween and I hope you all have a safe and happy one!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Throw Back Thursday....A Day late.....More pumpkin patch memories!

Halloween is almost here.....I can't believe how fast this month has flown by.  I had today off and for some rest and relaxation I looked through all the old scrapbooks and thought of all the fun we had when the kids were young at Halloween time.  One year instead of going to the pumpkin patch we went on the corn maze.  The kids had a great time jumping out at us from the corn stalks.
Don't they look scary!
I love this photo of my son, I almost think this was a pumpkin that grew in my flower garden.

Time spent with grandparents was always wonderful.
Here is when we took my daughter to the pumpkin patch for the first time...She is only 9 months old and already walking....That was a bitter sweet moment for me as I knew there would be no more little babies..she seemed to grow up so much faster as she was always trying to catch up to her brother.
I miss the young child joy that came with holidays.  I don't even know if the mature teen's will dress up this year.  Perhaps the fun this year will be watching the young families around us.. But if I don't hide the candy we will have to put a sign on the door, "no treat's here we ate them all!"  As somehow everyone keeps finding the Halloween candy and eating it.
Happy Fall!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

# Throw Back Thursday.....The Pumpkin Patch part 1

October brings back memories of the pumpkin patch.  I'm not sure what year my parents started coming down to New Jersey and taking us, but I know we all loved it.  
Some years it was really warm, and other years it was pretty cold.  We would go and ride in a wagon full of hay out to the pumpkin patch and pick the perfect pumpkin for our house.

The kids always had fun running around looking at all the pumpkins and picking one out.  And after there was a bounce house, pony ride and lunch to enjoy.
And they always had a place for taking a nice family photo
Looks like he would have fun driving this big tractor around.
I'm so glad my parents made their whirl wind trips down and took us every year to the pumpkin patch.  What great memories!
Happy Thursday.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

# She Kicks like a Girl......And I'm So Proud of Her!

My Daughter is in Karate, and she loves it.  She doesn't love her photo taken and she is very humble about her ability.  Here she is heading towards her Karate Challenge.  She didn't want any photo's taken... What she forgets to realize is that she has family in far away places that want to see photo's of what she is doing.
I liked the invitation to the Challenge this year.  Great inspiring quotes.  I see so many commercials about #like a girl... And I thought you know, my daughter does great in the sport she is in.  The say she has a beautiful kick, and she has kicked a few people in the head.  And believe me you don't want to get kicked in the head by her!  This year she competed in all 3 events for her age and did wonderful!

The first event was Kata's. She got 2nd place for this.  I like this event as it is almost like a dance, I wish I had the ability to actually think of how she is defending herself from the different attackers.
Then she competed in the techniques class.  She looked really great and had a great attacker!  She placed first for this event.
She and the others her age all worked hard and it was nice that each of them placed first in one event.
The next event was sparing.... Mom....stop taking photo's of me!  I really don't like watching this as she is a brown belt and can be hit in the head.... That makes me nervous.  But she just has no fear, or at least it looks that way!
The competition was intense, but she place second and she worked hard for it.
It would be nice to be able to video with out the world walking in front of you, but I guess I'm just happy to have it recorded so her grandparents can see it.
I did tell my daughter that I thought a Karate Challenge was easier than a horse show, you only have to deal with one nervous teen, instead of a nervous teen and horse.  It was a great event.  And I have to say I'd be afraid of this girls kicks!

Friday, September 26, 2014

My Retail Reality: A Snow Storm in July, A blizzard in August.........

My first job working in retail was working for the local grocery store in Vermont.  I started bagging peoples groceries and worked my way up to cashier and working in the little office by the registers.  I remember that every now and then I would dream about bagging peoples groceries.  Then when I woke up in the morning all my blankets would be piled up.
My second retail job was working for a bank.  Yes banks are considered a retail job, everything in a bank is something they are selling to you.  People often say " I don't feel like they are selling products to me... well they are believe me they don't ask all the questions about your life just because they care about you... they want to figure out how they can get you to open a loan, or get a car loan through them... It is all sales!  My dreams after work for banking were always quiet crazy too.  I was always chasing down a bank robber.  I don't know why as I never felt I worried about the bank being robbed, but I had really good karate skills in my dreams, and always caught the bad guy.
My most recent dreams related to retail work have been about snow storms.  I'm part of the closing crew of a store and I look out and the snow is coming down.  I look out again and the doors are covered with snow.  Then I'm shoving the inside of the store so that the customers can still shop.  I'm not sure why  I'm dreaming of snow storms and blizzards.  Perhaps I have felt a little overwhelmed with the work load, or I'm worried that a storm will come this winter and I won't be able to drive home.  I've never been good at interpreting dreams, but I find it interesting how sometimes work ends up in my dreams. There are still nights where I dream I'm back at my first grocery store job, bagging groceries....... Life was so much less complicated back then....
I sometimes wonder if I had become a Veterinarian or Vet Tech. would I have dreams about operating on animals?
Do you dream about your work?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ancestral Ponderings.......I Live Among Their Furniture......

While on Stay Cation last week I spent a lot of time cleaning my house. I realized that I live among the furniture of my husbands ancestors.  Our house is a mixture of old pieces of furniture that have been handed down through the generations.
We have furniture from my husbands families old beach house.(This is the cats favorite place to sit)  This chair is older than me.  And furniture from family members who were moving and wanted to bless us with some nice extra things in our house.

Bureaus from ages past..... I'm not sure any of the the old furniture has any real value, but I love to sit and think about who might have had it before me.  What did they keep in them, perhaps some hidden treasure.
....and bed sets too.  I don't think there is much in our house that we have even bought.  And the quilts are all made lovingly by my mom. 
I recently read a book called "Fire Bird" where the main character could hold an item and know about the previous owners.
I would love to have that ability.  To be able to sit on one of these old pieces of furniture and know about those who owned it before me. The rocking chair though, it is new.  It is special because my in-laws had it made for me when my son was born.  When my grandparents were moving I had wanted one of their rocking chairs, but they didn't give me one.  How I would have loved to sit in a chair that was theirs and remember them and our time spent together.  Perhaps though I'll pass this chair down to my children or grandchildren, and they will think about me and know that I spent hours rocking in this chair with my babies.
Do you have any old furniture from relatives long gone, do you think about them when you sit on them and wonder what their lives might have been like?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

# Throw Back Thursday.....A Day At The Amusement Park.....

I'm not a big amusement park person, but while going through old photo's I found some where I actually went on the rides.  Here I am on the bumper cars with my brother.
This looks like it might have been fun, and safe, and not scary....That's what I like!
My favorite ride, the Merry Go Round, perhaps this is my first time ever on one! It only cost $1.50 to go to this park.

Here is a photo of me with my daughter on one of her first trips to an amusement park.
Here they are at Santa's Land in New Hampshire.  We also went on a roller coaster that day and I thought my daughter was going to fly right out of it.  It taught me to always watch the ride before going on, as it went around twice.  I was not happy.
I think I like the kiddie rides the best!
My daughter looks happy in this photo, it was the beginning of the ride, and unfortunately for her she also gets motion sick, she didn't look so good at the end of the ride.
Now that my kids are teens they have to do things by themselves.  Even though they hate to be up high they rode this skyline tram.... I felt like I needed a seat belt on this.....
The roller coasters are way too fast and scary for me.......
So I take photo's, eat the yummy sugary food, and carry every one's stuff!  But it is still fun to spend a day at the amusement park with my children, and watch them try new rides!
Happy Thursday.