Thursday, September 11, 2014

# Throw Back Thursday.....A Day At The Amusement Park.....

I'm not a big amusement park person, but while going through old photo's I found some where I actually went on the rides.  Here I am on the bumper cars with my brother.
This looks like it might have been fun, and safe, and not scary....That's what I like!
My favorite ride, the Merry Go Round, perhaps this is my first time ever on one! It only cost $1.50 to go to this park.

Here is a photo of me with my daughter on one of her first trips to an amusement park.
Here they are at Santa's Land in New Hampshire.  We also went on a roller coaster that day and I thought my daughter was going to fly right out of it.  It taught me to always watch the ride before going on, as it went around twice.  I was not happy.
I think I like the kiddie rides the best!
My daughter looks happy in this photo, it was the beginning of the ride, and unfortunately for her she also gets motion sick, she didn't look so good at the end of the ride.
Now that my kids are teens they have to do things by themselves.  Even though they hate to be up high they rode this skyline tram.... I felt like I needed a seat belt on this.....
The roller coasters are way too fast and scary for me.......
So I take photo's, eat the yummy sugary food, and carry every one's stuff!  But it is still fun to spend a day at the amusement park with my children, and watch them try new rides!
Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Some Days I Miss Being A Stay At Home Mom.......

Part of my Stay-Cation is cleaning my office.  As I clean I stop and look through my scrapbooks.  Most of them are from when my children were little.  It was one of those "Stay At Home Mom"  things to do.  Back then all the "At Home" Mom's would get together and scrapbook, talk and watch the children play.  Today as I looked through them I thought of how blessed I was to stay home with my children when they were young.
It was a choice I made quiet happily.  I loved staying home with my children.  Life was slow, and lazy.  There was library time, meal times, nap time ( that was a favorite), special TV show time.  There was play group, and for awhile speed walking in the mall.  I think the only thing I really missed was adult conversation.  As most of my time was spent with just me and my two kids. I probably drove my husband crazy when he came home because I just needed to talk to someone on an adult level.
It was nice to be the one who taught my children about the world.  I taught them how to read, and write.  We went on nature walks, and spent lazy summer days at the pool, and on weekends we spent our evenings at the beach.  And when sickness hit the house we all just snuggled up together and got better.  There was no worry about work schedules, babysitters etc... We lived in our own little bubble of a world and really it was wonderful.
We also could just go away on vacation with out really having to worry about being back.  It was nice to share two different worlds with my children.  The crazy New Jersey town and beach life, and the quiet mountain life of Vermont.  I would not change anything from those years,
 they were wonderful. 
Now my children are teens, and they need to learn to be independent, and I can't stand the empty house all day.  So as much as I miss those slow days, I'm glad for my busy work world, because staying at home with the children out of the house is not fun. Well except for vacation because everyone needs time off.  And the quiet today was just wonderful!


Thursday, September 4, 2014

# Throw Back Thursday......Thinking about my home in New Jersey......

This week I've been thinking about my home in New Jersey.  Not quiet missing it, but thinking of the things I liked and didn't like.  I liked all the sun that came in,  I love to sit in the sun.  I didn't like living right next to someone else though.  My father in law warned us about buying a duplex, but it was what we could afford.  I have to say I love the peace of my new house and not living so close to people that you can talk to them while in the bathroom.
I liked our big bedroom, and the color it was painted, it was beautiful in the morning sun. I didn't like the plaster walls.  It cost a lot to fix those walls, and ceilings.  I didn't realize what a fixer upper we had bought.  I wish I had  a Realtor like we had out here back then.  I would probably never have bought that house if I knew how much needed fixing and knew how fixated my husband would be on making it look period correct.  We were talking just this week about how nice it is to have a house that doesn't need major fixing.
I loved the kitchen that my husband built with the help of a lot of different friends.  I hope someday to get the same colors in my new kitchen.  But if it never happens that will be OK.  My upstairs living room in the new house has a great color scheme and I can just feel so comfortable and relaxed in it.
I love the family memories.  Watching my children grow, getting our furry friend.  We have wonderful memories of living in that house.  We also have a lot of crazy duplex stories.  I've been thinking of writing about life in a duplex.  Because life can be different when you have no control over who lives right next door.  And that is why I'm so glad to have my new house and a fence around the yard. 
But here is to the wonderful crazy duplex years!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ancestral Ponderings.....They came in ships and that would have made me sick!

The majority of my ancestors came to America when the only way to travel here was by boat.  I like this photo of the ship that might have carried those first ancestors across the ocean.  I can imagine a rough and stormy trip.  Were they brave, were they looking for a better life?  Had they even been on a boat before?  I would love to read about what their voyage was like.

But I know one thing, I would have gotten really sick.  I might have been one of those passengers who set off the first wave of illness.  I could have been one that died from it and had my body thrown over into the ocean.  I think possibly I would have prayed for death if I was in their shoes.  As I unfortunately  get motion sickness very easily.  People who don't suffer from motion sickness just can't understand the dread of it.
When I was in high school I went on two ocean boat trips.  The first I was not prepared for the fact that I would get motion sick.  And unfortunately for me and the rest of the people it was a very windy and stormy day.  Let's just say I was the first to get sick, but almost everyone that day got sick.  Solid land was a welcome sight to us all.
One thing I have learned about motion sickness is that it is hereditary.  And so I assume that one poor woman at some point survived a very bad trip across the ocean.  I'm grateful she made it here and that I'm able to live in this great country.  But I'm glad I don't ever have to take a journey on a ship to an unknown land.  Flying across the country was bad enough for me and my daughter.
You can find lots of photo's of ships and information on who was on the ships just by searching for 
"Ships of my ancestors" 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

# Throw Back Thursday....Late August makes me want to go back to college and learn new things......

It's the last week of August and The University of Vermont is calling to me..... Come back and learn more..... And how I would love to jump on a plane and go back.  The excitement of meeting new friends, and learning new things.  The photo above is of me in my sophomore year of college.  All ready to go out and learn about farm animals.
I loved all the years I spent at UVM.  I loved taking animal science courses and had a dream of working in a Veterinary office.  Looking back I wonder how I never got to my intended goal.  I guess bills, and marriage, and children took over.  I would still someday like to work in a Veterinary office.  I would love to help care for animals.  But I know the truth, no matter where you work, if you deal with the general public you will have complaints, and angry people to deal with.  And so at this time in my life I'm content with where I'm at.  But the dream is still there.
So here's to all the new college students.  Enjoy these years of your life.  Enjoy studying the things you love, and making friends and living with out huge responsibilities.  College it's wonderful, enjoy it.  Because there are many who looking back would love to be in your shoes for a little while longer......

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ancestral Ponderings......The thought of having 16 children in the 1800's is daunting......

As I work on family history, I often find families that I am amazed by.  One recent family had 16 children.  When my husband and I first got married we talked about how many children we would like to have had.  The thought of having 5 or 6 children at first sounded fun.  And yet we are happy to have been blessed with two, and two is probably the amount we can afford, and can handle in this day and age.

And yet here is the man and woman who met and over the years had 16 children.(The photo above is of the wife and one of the daughters)  In the census records I  find that they lived in a four room house.  I can not imagine living in a four room house with 16 children. When we moved out to Utah, we lived in a small apartment.  To me it was cozy at first, but the four of us by the time we moved needed space.  I can't imagine what these children must have felt like always having to share a room with someone.  I now see how spoiled my children are.
   I can not imagine cooking for that many people.  I have a hard time cooking for four people. My children are always complaining about the frozen dinner I've prepared.  And I assume that much of what they ate they probably grew also.  Grocery stores filled with semi homemade items were not around back in their days.
  I wonder about the daily chores and think how did this woman take care of such a large family.  I'm sure the older children had to have helped out and probably got jobs at young ages too.  I would love to see more than census records, and a few photo's.  I'd love to hear stories of what family life was for this big family.  Did the children dream of the day they got to move out and be on their own, or did they have a close relationship?  Did the older children dread the fact another baby was on the way or were they excited to learn of the new addition?
It is fun to wonder about those from the past.  Perhaps someday I'll meet these souls on the other side and here their stories.  But for now I just have to be happy with pondering on what life for them might have been like.....

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Retail Reality: A Case of Mistaken Identity

A Case of Mistaken Identity.
In my many years of retail I've noticed that people tend think that those working in retail are the lowest, stupidest beings on this planet.  It seems to me that when a person walks into a store they automatically assume the people working there are way below them.  This first came to my attention while working in the banking industry.
     We had this elderly gentleman who would come in and tell every teller and new account associate his whole college background.  How he had a degree from some prestigious college, had started his own business and was just that much better than all that worked in our little bank branch.  Those who kissed his feet and acted like they cared got all his attention and treats every Christmas.  We actually had one new account associate who was really good at kissing up to this man.  It made me sick.
     The truth of it is that most people working in retail are actually pretty well educated, and are just trying to add a little extra to their monthly income because of a horrible economy.  Most people are two job workers. They have their forty hour a week job, and then they have their night time retail "help me survive" a little better job.  The people I used to work with were accountants, school teachers, retired managers from other companies, bank managers,and social workers.  Many are also women who used to be stay at home mom's who now want to get back into the working world. Yes there may be a few associates that are not the smartest, brightest people in the world, but does that mean that anyone has the right to make them fun of them, or treat them unkindly?
    It is funny how customers also try to tell certain associates that they are two smart to work retail.  In one store I worked in the customers were always trying to get our resident Psychologist to leave and work for them.  You are too smart to be working here.  They constantly had to tell customers that it was their choice to work at the store, they were just getting added income as they built up their own business.
   Why did I initially work in retail....I needed a job that was flexible, where I could work nights and I could ask for days off when my kids had concerts and school programs.  Most office jobs don't let you have that flexibility.  As long as I knew two weeks in advance about something I could have a day off.  The flexibility and the people I worked with made it worth it.  Even though many nights I felt like I had a big "L" stamped on my face "LOSER".... Yes somehow people just assume that if you are in retail they have to explain things to you slowly... I     am      returning   this    item    ...... ( well duh, you are at the return center......)
   Any ways if you happen to shop at night, realize that many night workers in retail, are actually someone who is working two jobs. Have some compassion for them, treat them kindly and be glad that you are not in their shoes. Many work two jobs because their first job hasn't given them a raise in 5 or 6 years.  You never know you could be the next person desperate to make an extra dollar to support your family and find yourself in the "Crazy world of Retail...."
If you have to work two jobs to support your family what jobs do you have?  Have you ever felt like customers treat you like a second class citizen?